Author: Tracey Barron, BS

Research Challenges and Opportunities in Emergency Nurse Telephone Triage

One of the most important elements of the scientific field is the use of clear, commonly-accepted definitions that can be used to measure processes and create meaningful change. These well-defined metrics allow us to confidently progress by building on previous work carried out by others. Previous authors1 have already identified that research in the dispatch  center should focus specifically on the development of performance measures for use in performance management, audit, and research.  The question then becomes, which measures should we focus upon, how do we define them, and what value...

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Listen to the Line

Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) play an important role in modern-day Emergency Medical Services (EMS), especially as compared to the minimal logistics role simple dispatchers filled years ago. Today, EMDs serve as gatekeepers, resource allocators, non-visual clinicians, and scene resource coordinators, and are familiar with nearly every operational and clinical aspect of an emergency call. Because of their wide range of training, experience, and involvement, EMDs can be a tremendous resource for today’s less involved managers and administrators, provided they are acknowledged and...

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