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Matthea Kristjansdottir

A Silent But Deadly Aortic Dissection

Matthea Kristjansdottir

Mar 01, 2014|AEDR 2014 Vol. 2 Issue 1|Case Study

It was fairly early one day when a young man about 40 years of age called in to the 112 emergency line and asked for an ambulance. The reason was chest pains. He was very calm and "showed" no signs through the phone that he was in pain or any kind of distress. So I asked him if the patient was himself or if he had someone with him that he was calling for. He replied that he was indeed the patient, and when asked about the chest pain, he said that he had had some discomfort since late the night before and then again that morning. He had no history of any kind of heart or lung problems and...

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