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Aug 18, 2018|AEDR Newsletter

Maybe you've seen the College of Emergency Dispatch shirts many NAVIGATOR18 attendees nabbed two weeks ago in Las Vegas? Maybe you've seen the banners on the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) website?

In any case, this AEDR newsletter aims to help you learn more about the College of Emergency Dispatch and how it can support you in your professional advancement.

Join the College in 2018 and earn your Continuing Dispatch Education (CDE) credit online anytime, anywhere.

We offer a variety of courses that will fit your specific interests in subject matter, length, and type. You can earn anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours of CDE credit per course.

Browse the offerings, complete a few, and earn some CDE credit today!


Try logging into the College of Emergency Dispatch with your IAED member username and password--you may already have access and not even know it!

If you are an instructor or an ED-Q, you have free access.

If your agency hasn't provide you with access, contact your sales rep to buy individual access for $89/year


These are now included in your College of Emergency Dispatch subscription! Read Journal of Emergency Dispatch articles and take quizzes online anytime, anywhere!

You no longer need to complete a paper quiz, write a check for $5, and mail both to us for these CDE credits.

You can read the corresponding article in the College as a PDF file and then take the quiz.

After logging in, click COURSES > JOURNAL QUIZ and select the quiz you want to take.


Read a Research Brief and take a 10-question quiz online anytime, anywhere. These are designed to bring research results into practice, so we left the research lingo out and provided an example of them in action!

After logging in, click COURSES > RESEARCH BRIEF and select the topic and language that suits you.

You can read these on the College as a PDF file and then take the quiz.


Listen to a Dispatch in Depth podcast and take a 10-question quiz. The quizzes are designed so you can listen once and get the right answers.

After logging in, click COURSES > PODCAST QUIZZES and select the quiz you want to take.

After you listen to one of the most recent eight podcasts, log in and take the corresponding quiz.


Target lessons are designed for EMDs, EFDs, and EPDs to practice their skills while earning CDE credit.

After logging in, click COURSES > TARGET LESSONS and select the course you want to take.

These courses take a broader look at effective dispatch and emergency response practices or offer "bite-sized" takes on specific aspects of emergency dispatch.


The CDE Advancement Series™ courses are designed to provide a "deep dive" into the use of each Chief Complaint Protocol. These used to only be available on CD. Now, take an Advancement Series course anytime, anywhere.

After logging in, click COURSES > ADVANCEMENT SERIES and select the course you want to take.

These courses offer in-depth training on specific types of calls and incidents, focusing on the correct and effective use of the Medical Priority Dispatch System™, Fire Priority Dispatch System™, and Police Priority Dispatch System™ protocols.


Software training courses provide instruction in the use of the Priority Dispatch Corp.™ software applications ProQA® and AQUA®.

  • ProQA is an expert system logic engine that integrates the power of IAED™ Protocols with today's critical computer technologies.
  • AQUA is a powerful database and statistical software package designed to assist ED-Qs in assessing calltaker compliance to IAED Protocols.
After logging in, click COURSES > SOFTWARE TRAINING and select the course you want to take.

Together, these two software applications represent the cutting edge of emergency dispatch practice.


You spoke and we listened!

Your requests for a single, online tool for agencies to track certification status and assign CDE courses to individual team members have been heard!

We invite you to contact Pam Stewart and request to become a beta testing agency for the supervisor portal.

Let's keep learning together,

AEDR Editorial Team

We keep your fingers on the pulse of emergency dispatch and response.