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NEW Podcast Episode 19: The Rest of the Story with Sherri Stigler

Jun 22, 2018|AEDR Newsletter
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In this newsletter: A new podcast episode, research poster, and Journal of Emergency Dispatch article all about providing emergency dispatchers the rest of the story; and CPR / AED Awareness Week June 1-7.

Episode 19: The Rest of the Story with Sherri Stigler

Sherri Stigler (USA) Training and Operations Manager at Waukesha County Communications, Wisconsin

Sherri is a 30-year "survivor" of the public safety community, serving in the capacity of police officer, firefighter, EMT-B, AHA CPR / first aid instructor, emergency dispatcher, and communications supervisor.

She is a columnist for the Journal of Emergency Dispatch magazine at the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™) and has written many articles emphasizing public safety and 911 education.

She was the winner of the 2017 IAED Research Poster award for her poster, "Providing Dispatchers 'The Rest of the Story," in which she describes a new process by which Waukesha County is providing outcome information about STEMI patients to the Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) who handled their calls. Her pilot study shows that EMDs have responded very positively to the approach and have shown an increased understanding of their critical role in the Chain of Survival.


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The National CPR and AED Awareness Week (USA) is June 1-7, 2018. Forward this newsletter to friends and family to spread awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of bystander intervention.

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