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NEW Podcast Episode 20: The Heart of the Matter with Dr. Chris Olola

Jun 22, 2018|AEDR Newsletter
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In this newsletter: A new podcast episode, published research by Dr. Chris Olola, CDE opportunities on the topic, and an invitation to do some research with Dr. O.

Episode 20: The Heart of the Matter with Dr. Chris Olola

On this Dispatch in Depth podcast, Isabel talks with Dr. Chris Olola, the director of research and biomedical informatics at the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch®(IAED™). They discuss the role of emergency dispatch in patient care, heart attacks coded as ALPHA at dispatch, and the future of the IAED research team.

Chris Olola (USA) Director of Research and Biomedical Informatics at IAED

Chris has been with the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) since 2006. Originally from Kenya, he earned his PhD in biomedical informatics at the Univeristy of Utah He has been a public health/safety researcher for over 25 years and is widely published.

Click on his picture for all his AEDR publications.


NEW! Listen to the podcast and then take the quiz on the College of Emergency Dispatch for 0.5 hrs of CDE.


Take an Advancement Series™ course in English on the College of Emergency Dispatch to learn more about The MPDS® Heart Problems/A.I.C.D. Protocol v13.0 CDE# 65 and earn 2 hrs of CDE.


Dr. O needs you!

He needs emergency dispatchers, communication center managers, quality controllers, medical directors, fire chiefs, police chiefs, community responders, hospital staff, and database management folks to continue building a strong emergency dispatch research community. He'll help you get started on a project of your own or connect you with other researchers.

He invites you to:

  • Send him your data! His team can provide you with FREE data analytics and reports on any ProQA data you share.
  • Get your research project started and published! His team can help you organize your data and support your writing to get your project submitted as a poster or paper.
  • Be a podcast guest! Tell him what you would like to share with listeners.
  • Read and provide feedback! Let us know how you are using our resources on
  • Network with your community response teams and receiving hospitals. Building these relationships means being able to work together to share data and answer questions
  • Join us at NAVIGATOR 2019, Washington, DC (U.S.) for the 3rd annual International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) Research Workshop. No research experience necessary! You'll get involved in a new study (or two) that culminates in publication in AEDR and a poster presentation at NAVIGATOR 2019. The educational, professional development, and networking opportunities are unmatched.
Remember, the first step of starting a research project is simply having a question about something.

So, if you have one, reach out and get involved!

Happy listening and join Dr. O in research,

AEDREditorial Team

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