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The Distribution of Recommended Care Level Classification by Time of Day within the Emergency Communication Nurse System

Dr. Mark Conrad Fivaz, Greg Scott, MBA, EMD-QI, Jeff J. Clawson, MD, Corike Toxopeus, PhD, Matt Zavadsky, MS, Kristen Miller, JD, Neal Richmond, MD, FACEP, Christopher Olola, PhD

Aug 01, 2015|AEDR 2015 Vol. 3 Issue 2|Original Research

Research has shown that two-thirds of emergency visits occur after business hours (weekdays 9am – 5pm). Therefore, identifying primary healthcare providers available after business hours is one strategy for improving appropriate access to healthcare services. Previous studies have also shown a high and steady volume of secondary triage-eligible calls throughout the day and into the evening. However, because the Emergency Communication Nurse (ECN) performing the secondary triage has some discretion on selecting the Recommended Care Level (RCL) based on resource...

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