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Weapons Description

Aug 17, 2018|AEDR Newsletter
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In this newsletter: Research and CDE credit intersect on an essential-to-officer-safety topic.


Traffic incidents (collisons and crashes) are among the most common call types handled by Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs). These calls are also among the most complex call types because they represent such a range of possible situations. Many ECCs use multiple Priority Dispatch Systems™ (MPDS®, PPDS®, FPDS®) and each system contains its own traffic and transportation incident protocol.

New research from Chris Knight, identifies which of the three systems agencies use (or use first) in processing traffic incidents and what their reasons are for their selections.

Starting in 2013, AEDR has published several manuscripts that briefly discuss the necessity and frequency of emergency police dispatchers (EPDs) asking about the presence of weapons on scene.

In our most current journal, we published a study that takes a deep dive into the value of this practice: Weapons Reported On-Scene by Callers to Emergency Police Dispatch.

Overall, this study concludes that trained and certified EPDs are very effective at collecting weapon information and entering it correctly. The impact of their quality work provides officers with the information they need to remain as safe a possible in potentially violent encounters.

Read the article to learn the most comment incident types when weapons were involved or mentioned!


Recently, the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™) released a target lesson on the College of Emergency Dispatch that provides EPDs a chance to practice the skill and earn CDE credit.

The course is called "Description Essentials: What weapon is it?"


Try logging into the College of Emergency Dispatch with your IAED member username and password--you may already have access and not even know it!

If you are an instructor or an ED-Q, you have free access.

If your agency hasn't provided you with access, contact your Priority Dispatch Corp.™ (PDC™) Regional Account Representative to buy individual access for $89/year.


Target lessons are designed for EMDs, EFDs, and EPDs to practice their skills while earning CDE credit.

After logging in, click COURSES > TARGET LESSONS and select the course you want to take.

These courses take a broader look at effective dispatch and emergency response practices or offer "bite-sized" takes on specific aspects of emergency dispatch.

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