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Brianne J. Nelson, M.A.Ed.

9-1-1 State Your Emergencia: An Analysis of Participant Interaction in 9-1-1 Emergency Calls from Spanish Speakers

Brianne J. Nelson, M.A.Ed.

Aug 27, 2016|AEDR 2016 Vol. 4 Issue 2|Research Posters

This study is a subset of ongoing research and conversational analysis of recorded 911 calls into a California dispatch center from Spanish-speakers who requested language interpretation in communicating their emergencies. Findings reveal how each participant—callers, calltakers, and language interpreters—affects how emergencies were communicated and understood. This unique study researched the existing procedure when non-English speakers who are facing an emergency and place a 911 call connect with mostly English-speaking dispatchers and are connected to a language interpreter to communicate...

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