Is There a Standard of Care and Practice for Emergency Dispatch?

IS THERE A STANDARD OF CARE AND PRACTICE FOR EMERGENCY DISPATCH? Yes! Ignorance of the standard is no defense. Establishing a Standard Over time and through litigation, concepts have evolved into a standard that reflects society’s expectations of an emergency dispatch system. Emergency services and public safety agencies without this standard in place should be prepared to defend their...

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Maakt het gebruik van het Hulpmiddel Beroerte Diagnose wat uit?

MAAKT HET GEBRUIK VAN HET HULPMIDDEL BEROERTE DIAGNOSE WAT UIT? Ja! Het bespaart tijd en zorgt voor behoud van de hersenen. Beroertes Beroertes onderbreken de bloedtoevoer naar een deel van de hersenen als gevolg van een blokkade of bloeding. De tijd dat een beroerte de toevoer onderbreekt, bepaalt de hoeveelheid hersenbeschadiging die wordt veroorzaakt. Snel herstel van de normale doorbloeding van de hersenen is van cruciaal belang en vereist intelligente herkenning en tijdige inzet. Intelligente herkenning: Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD’s) bieden intelligente herkenning door...

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Do CPR Calls Have Barriers?

DO CPR CALLS HAVE BARRIERS? Yes! EMDs can anticipate and manage them. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique. It involves getting “hands on chest” to perform compressions that manually pump blood and oxygen to vital body organs. Early CPR dramatically increases a patient’s chance of survival. Dispatcher-Directed CPR (DD-CPR) can and does work. It has been a formal part of...

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Craig Sturgess – Anatomy of a CPR Call with Barriers (Redacted Call Transcript)

ANATOMY OF A CPR CALL WITH BARRIERS Redacted Call Transcript Craig Sturgess of Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (Wales, U.K.) received this CPR call in 2016. He encountered and  expertly managed over 40 barriers on this nearly 17-minute call. He naturally balanced providing care and comfort to the patient, the patient’s wife, and their neighbors—never placing the care of one over the care of all. In addition to the training he had received, this balancing act demonstrated an innate ability to provide brilliant and compassionate situational awareness. Faced with barriers that did not have...

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