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Speaking the Same Language with Edel Burton

AEDR Editorial Team

Feb 21, 2023|Dispatch in Depth

Edel Burton, clinical hospital pharmacist and PhD scholar in the School of Public Health at University College Cork, discusses her research about pre-hospital care terminology and measurements. Your agency’s definition of “on scene” may be different from other agencies’ definitions, and Burton’s research will make it easier for agencies to compare their data.

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Research Spotlight: Jenna Streeter

Audrey Fraizer

Jun 03, 2020|AEDR 2020 Vol. 8 Issue 1|Research Spotlight

Where do you work? Madison County Fire Department Communications, Huntsville, AL, USA. As manager, I oversee operations for 14 full-time employees; handle all policy development, training program development, and quality assurance/quality improvement program oversight; and am a liaison with 16 volunteer fire chiefs and other public safety officials. What are the parts of your job that connect with research? I regularly analyze data in decision-making in all fields identified above. My recent research project published in AEDR...

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