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R. Lindsey

Preliminary and Potential Impacts of a Partnership Between EMS and Health and Human Services on Call Volumes Generated by EMS "Super-Users"

J. Baltrotsky, A. Butsch, A. Robinson, R. Lindsey, R. Stone, B. Reid, B. Lawner, J. M. Hirshon

Sep 12, 2017|AEDR 2017 Vol. 5 Issue 2|Poster Abstracts, Research Posters

For years, rising EMS call volumes have taxed resources in EMS jurisdictions. A significant problem of utilization by frequent 911 callers has contributed to transports and ED utilization, some of which may be unnecessary. Solutions to this have been limited for field providers. Purpose: We wished to both pilot a new EMS partnership with our county's Health and Human Services Agency (HHS) that could intervene with services for these "super-users," and study the scope of the problem, with the goal being appropriate alternate dispositions besides EMS activation. Intervention through referrals...

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