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Call Prioritization Times for Structure Fires in a Fire Priority Dispatch System

Jay Dornseif, Isabel Gardett, PhD, Greg Scott, MBA, EMD-QI, Corike Toxopeus, PhD, Robin Grassi, Angela VanDyke, Donald Robinson, Tami Wiggins, Lori Daubert, Mark Hutchison, Sharon Crook, Kevin Sipple, Lisa Kalmbach, Jeff J. Clawson, MD, Christopher Olola, PhD

Aug 01, 2016|AEDR 2016 Vol. 4 Issue 2|Original Research

While Structure Fire is not the most common Chief Complaint handled by Emergency Fire Dispatchers (EFDs), the high death toll and other serious consequences that result make structure fires one of the most important types of calls EFDs handle. The time needed to appropriately and effectively prioritize these calls can be evaluated using a time standard called Call Prioritization Time (CPT). In this study, we evaluate CPT for centers using the Fire Priority Dispatch System (FPDS). The primary objective in this study was to determine CPT for the FPDS...

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