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Dispatch protocol Compliance

Situational Awareness in Emergency Medical Dispatch: An Observation Study and Proposed Model

Isabel Gardett, PhD, Greg Scott, MBA, EMD-QI, Meghan Broadbent, MS, Christopher Olola, PhD

Aug 13, 2019|AEDR 2019 Vol. 7 Issue 2|Original Research

Situational awareness (SA, also called situation awareness) is the ability to take in relevant information about an event in order to understand it and take effective action. Maintaining effective SA as an emergency medical dispatcher (EMD) may be more difficult than in other, similarly complex roles because of the remote nature of an emergency call for help. This study attempts to provide insight on one remote SA situation by reporting on a simulation study in which cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instructions were provided over...

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Consistency of Emergency Medical Dispatchers' Decisions Using a Protocol-Based Triage System

John Afolayan, MBBS, Andrew Heward, BSc, Christopher Olola, PhD, Edward Glucksman, MD, James Gummett, Jeff J. Clawson, MD

Aug 03, 2013|AEDR 2013 Vol. 1 Issue 2|Original Research

Central to the effectiveness of prehospital care is the ability of emergency medical dispatchers (EMDs), to rapidly categorise '999' calls and subsequently facilitate the dispatching of appropriate emergency ambulance personnel. There are many factors which affect productivity and/or performance in a work setting. These include shift work and experience. The London Ambulance Service (LAS) uses a structured, symptom- and incident-based protocol to triage emergency '999' calls. To our knowledge, factors potentially affecting compliance with this system have not been assessed in the UK...

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