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Speaking the Same Language with Edel Burton

AEDR Editorial Team

Feb 21, 2023|Dispatch in Depth

Edel Burton, clinical hospital pharmacist and PhD scholar in the School of Public Health at University College Cork, discusses her research about pre-hospital care terminology and measurements. Your agency’s definition of “on scene” may be different from other agencies’ definitions, and Burton’s research will make it easier for agencies to compare their data.

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Optimizing the Use of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Data to Identify Opioid Overdoses

Karla D. Wagner, PhD, Silvia Verdugo, MD, MPH, Todd Stout, John Selters, Patrick Reuther, Brad Lee, MD, Brian Labus, PhD, MPH, Peter Davidson, PhD

Aug 20, 2018|Research Posters

Opioid overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the US. To respond to this public health crisis, public health and safety agencies are attempting to optimize their use of data sets that can identify opioid overdoses cases early in the continuum of emergency medical care. In this study, we are developing and validating a novel approach to identifying opioid overdose cases using a set of indicators from pre-hospital data, including the electronic patient care record (ePCR), call taking, and dispatch data. We queried all medical emergency calls in calendar year (CY) 2016 for a single...

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