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We Got Rhythm with EJ Hinterman and Holly Downs

Nov 14, 2017|Dispatch in Depth

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Isabel Gardett talks with EJ Hinterman, captain of the Draper City Fire Department, and Holly Downs, a training coordinator for Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center, about a metronome study they both recently participated in. They discuss the low percentage of bystanders who are comfortable with providing CPR, how to get people to perform CPR at the correct rate, and the value of emergency dispatchers and responders participating in research.

For Your Information:

Bystander CPR stats from the American Heart Association

Moulage: makeup that simulates and looks like real wounds; typically used in disaster drills

Hawthorne Effect: people modify an aspect of their behavior in response to their awareness of being observed (

Check out "Push to Survive," EJ's nonprofit dedicated to teaching CPR:

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