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Evaluating the Effect of Proper Use of "Tell Me Exactly What Happened" Case Entry Questions on Chief Complaint Selection and Information Gathering at Emergency Police Dispatch

Steve Zenes, ENP, CMCP, Nancy Roller

May 08, 2019|Original Research, Poster Abstracts, Research Posters, Research Workshop

The most critical and difficult part of the Emergency Police Dispatcher's (EPD) job may be the gathering of the initial problem description, which uses a scripted Protocol Case Entry Question (CEQ) but also requires interpretation on the part of the EPD. Specifically, at the beginning of the call, the EPD asks the caller the CEQ "Ok, tell me exactly what happened" (TMEWH). Based on the caller's response, the EPD selects a Chief Complaint (CC) Protocol—a specific protocol that provides the prompts to drill down into the caller's situation—the primary reason for calling 911. Selecting the wrong...

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Research Workshop FAQs

AEDR Editorial Team

Nov 20, 2018|Research Workshop

What is a Research Workshop? The IAED Research Workshop is a two-day experience that takes you from "zero to sixty." You will learn the steps involved in conducting research, how to ask good (and interesting!) research questions, how to get approval for your study, how to collect data, and how to share your findings with the world. The best part is, you will walk away from the two days with something to show for it you'll have a study already underway! Who should attend the Workshop? Anyone! Many people are intimidated by the concept of an entire workshop dedicated to research...

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