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Proposed use of the Emergency Communication Nurse System in Welsh Ambulance Service 999 Secondary Triage with Paramedic and Nurse Users

Mike Brady, PhD, Susan Tucket, RN, Michelle Perry, Brian Jarvis, Peter Brown, Mark Conrad Fivaz, MD, Gigi Marshall, MSN

Sep 07, 2021|AEDR 2021 Vol. 9 Issue 2|Original Research

The Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust (WAST) manages more than 500,000 calls every year, with its emergency ambulance staff attending more than 250,000 of these calls. WAST currently uses the Medical Priority Dispatch System to process its 999 emergency calls and is an accredited centre of excellence. WAST employs experienced nurses and paramedics to undertake 999 secondary telephone triages of 1) low acuity patients, 2) patients awaiting an ambulance response, and 3) patients whose condition may be managed effectively by an alternative to an ambulance...

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