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International Comparison of Ambulance Times Terminology and Definitions: A Benchmarking Study

Edel Burton, Kieran Crosbie-Staunton, Conor Deasy, Jerry Overton, Áine Merwick, David Willis, Patricia M Kearney, Vera JC McCarthy, Claire M Buckley, PHoCoS (Prehospital Care of Stroke) Consortium

May 02, 2023|Research Posters

Ambulance times are internationally recognized Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for prehospital care. International benchmarking, by comparing ambulance times between countries is a valuable method to help to identify strengths and weaknesses across healthcare systems. However, terminology and definitions for ambulance times are not standardized across countries. Thus, this quality improvement project aims to compare terminology and definitions of ambulance times from the ambulance services of a range of countries to facilitate international benchmarking.

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Public Safety Communications Centers’ Benchmarking Survey

Doug Smith-Lee

Sep 19, 2022|AEDR 2022 Vol. 10 Issue 2|Original Research

Benchmarking for Public Safety Communication Centers (PSCCs) is relatively new. Recently, professional associations have been working on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify a number of performance metrics for call taking, dispatching, technology, quality assurance and administration. The goal of developing these KPIs is to provide fundamental metrics which are inherent in all PSCC work. Yet the standardization of PSCCs’ levels performance to these various KPIs is somewhat limited.

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