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Prehospital care

Effects of a Prehospital Emergency Care System on the Treatment and Prognosis of Stroke Patients

Liu Ru-lu, Luo Meng-yue, Li Ying

Mar 22, 2017|AEDR 2017 Vol. 5 Issue 1|Original Research

We sought to study a recently implemented prehospital emergency care system and its effects on the treatment level and prognosis of stroke patients. Prior to the introduction of the new system, no dispatch triage or prehospital care was available, and most patients accessed emergency care directly, without calling an emergency number. From April 2014 to March 2015, at our associate hospital's emergency department, 325 first-time acute stroke patients were admitted to the emergency department. This cohort was divided according to hospital admission method...

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The Need for Better Access to Prehospital Emergency Medical Services for Seizure Patients in Rural India: A Profile of Clinical and Etiological Characteristics Compared With Ambulance Usage in a Rural Region

Neelima Saoji, MD, Chetan Dhoble, MD, Abhinav Arora, MD, Rosa Rios, MD

Aug 01, 2015|AEDR 2015 Vol. 3 Issue 2|Original Research

Seizures are episodes of sudden, severe, disorganized neurological activity in the brain, characterized by uncontrolled movement and, in many cases, altered consciousness. Seizures account for 1% of all emergency department visits, and are a leading cause of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) activation and transport. Patients who experience a seizure with no medical history of seizure disorder challenge the prehospital provider to identify an underlying cause for the event and attempt to treat immediately. s:This study aimed to identify the clinical profile of...

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