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K. E. Coch

Individual Differences in Risk Factors for ASD: An Examination of Stressful Calls to Handle

Madeline R. Marks, MS, D. E. Whitmer, N. T. James, K. E. Coch, C. Bowers, V. K. Sims, B. Trachik

Aug 01, 2016|AEDR 2016 Vol. 4 Issue 2|Research Posters

In a previous study, emergency dispatchers were surveyed to determine how stressful it was to handle various 911 calls. Given that it is not possible to change the inherent stress associated with the job of emergency dispatching, it is important to examine additional strains that contribute to making the job more stressful. This is critical for understanding the risk factors that contribute to the increased rate of stress injuries (i.e., acute stress disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, burnout) in this high-risk occupation. The current study examined the four calls that the previous study...

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