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Terry Purvis, ENP, EMD, EPD, EFD, EPD-Q

Identifying Working Structure Fires Using a Standardized Fire Dispatch Protocol System

Terry Purvis, ENP, EMD, EPD, EFD, EPD-Q, Chris Davis, EMD-I, Madeline R. Marks, MS, Greg Scott, MBA, EMD-QI, Stewart Mcgehee, EMT-P, EMD, BS, Isabel Gardett, PhD, Srilakshmi Sangaraju, MS, Christopher Olola, PhD

Oct 01, 2020|AEDR 2020 Vol. 8 Issue 2|Original Research

Structure fires, although infrequent, require significant resources and personnel to effectively complete critical tasks in a short time frame to achieve positive outcomes. While it is important to dispatch the appropriate number of resources rapidly, there is a risk to over-allocate responding resources both to the public and to the responders by responding with lights and siren. A standardized emergency fire dispatch (EFD) protocol-based system is important to quickly identify working structures fires so appropriate resources are allocated in an effective manner...

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