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Emergency Medical Service Communication Systems

Assessing the Impact of Opening Greetings in Handling Emergency Calls: Genova 118 Experience

Andrea Furgani, MD, Francesca Raffo, EMD-Q, Giuseppina Contiero, EMD

Aug 17, 2018|Research Posters

The manner in which calls are handled at the emergency telecommunication center has a significant role in effective management of assistance on the scene. The main information needed to start a response is the location of the incident, which usually means the complete address. The Genova 118 Center has recently modified its standard greeting from "Genova 118" (STD1) to "Genova 118, where do I send the ambulance?" (STD2). The aim of this study is to verify whether the new standard reduces the time needed to acquire a complete address during an emergency call. The prospective, randomized study...

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Comparison of Emergency Medical Service Stroke Identification and Neurologist In-Hospital Stroke Assessment: Preliminary Results of the Genova Network

Andrea Furgani, MD, Silvia Distefano, MD, Silvano Ruffoni, MD, Francesco Bermano, MD

Aug 17, 2018|Research Posters

The main objective of this study was to compare emergency medical dispatch (EMD) stroke identification with hospital-confirmed stroke. The secondary objective was to compare the results of stroke diagnostic tool (SDxT) of Medical Priority Dispatch System™ (MPDS®) with National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) used in hospital by neurologists. Data utilized for the observational study were taken from a preliminary stroke dataset collected at San Martino Hospital (Genova) between January 2016 and June 2017. All cases of suspected stroke arrived at First Aid began part of the study...

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Evaluation Variability Of Emergency Medical Calls Among Emergency Medical Communication Centers In Liguria, Italy

Andrea Furgani, MD, Christopher Olola, PhD, Lavinia Ferraro, EMD-Q, Salvatore Esposito, MD, Stefano Ferlito, MD, Fabio Ferrari, MD, Roberto Sanna, MD, Silvano Ruffoni, MD, Francesco Bermano, MD

Apr 03, 2018|AEDR 2018 Vol. 6 Issue 1|Original Research

The evaluation of emergency calls received by Emergency Medical Communication Centers (EMCCs) is the first and basic step for activating the chain of survival. It also represents an essential prerequisite for optimal response to and management of critical patients. The objective of this study was to evaluate whether the introduction of a single, structured, and standardized emergency medical dispatch system provided a more uniform evaluation of all emergency calls among five EMCCs in Liguria, Italy. The study retrospectively examined the assigned...

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