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Principles of Emergency Mental Health Dispatching with Jim Marshall and Jay Scott

AEDR Editorial Team

Jun 06, 2023|Dispatch in Depth

Jim Marshall, CEO and co-founder of the 911 Training Institute, and Jason (Jay) Scott, partner engagement director at 911 Training Institute, discuss the underlying principles of Emergency Mental Health Dispatching (EMHD). They cover the development of MPDS Protocol 41: Caller in Crisis (to be released in Fall 2023 to accompany MPDS v14) and provide examples and resources for those interested in learning more.

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Occupational Identity Among Emergency Telecommunicators: Implications for Prevention and Intervention

Violet Rymshaw, PsyD

May 02, 2023|Research Posters

The present study obtained subjective input from emergency telecommunicators regarding their greatest work-related stressors according to five categories: 911 calls, radio traffic, interactions with coworkers, interactions with management, and work-life balance. In addition, this study obtained emergency telecommunicators’ subjective ideas for prevention and intervention strategies that they would like to have implemented in the workplace, at home, and in the community.

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Emergency Dispatchers – 911 & Mental Health Crises

Paul J. Bourgeois, Ph.D., CRC, NCC

May 02, 2023|Research Posters

The important role 911 plays in behavioral health emergencies has drawn increased national attention in recent years, with new ideas emerging on how call centers and emergency responses can be more effective. But there is a relative lack of information about how call centers manage these emergencies, including how calls are assessed, what dispatch options are available, and how data on calls and outcomes is collected and shared.

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Stress & Wellbeing in Emergency Dispatchers

Paul J. Bourgeois, Ph.D., CRC, NCC, Emily Hotz, B.A., Sharon Kwok, B.A.

Aug 11, 2021|Research Posters

Police officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical personnel are recognized for their hard work as on-scene responders, however the role of emergency dispatch is easily overlooked. The stressors that are seen in emergency responder work are also experienced by emergency dispatchers. While they are not experiencing these emergencies directly, this presents unique struggles for them.

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