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Factors Contributing to Stress Levels of Emergency Dispatchers

Kate Wahlgren, EMD, Audrey Fraizer, Mike Taigman, MS, Marc Gay, Ronald Williscroft, QI, EMD, Dawn Faudere, EMT-P, EMD-Q, Andre Jones, PhD, Christopher Olola, PhD

Jan 20, 2021|AEDR 2020 Vol. 8 Issue 3|Original Research

There is now substantial research literature on the occupational stress among emergency dispatchers from multiple studies that have cited dispatcher claims of significant emotional, mental, and physical stress as a result of their work. However, there is very little literature that ranks in order of prevalence or severity the factors contributing to overall stress specific to emergency dispatchers. The aim of this study is to collect data that will complement other research findings in this field to inform the development of new programs designed to address specific...

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