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Ivan Whitaker, MBA


Ivan Whitaker, MBA, Darren Judd, Srilakshmi Sangaraju, MS, Christopher Olola, PhD, Alissa Wheeler, BA

Aug 04, 2021|Research Posters

Emergency communication centers often field a large number of calls requesting transportation for patients from one care facility to another. Transferring patients between facilities can be frustrating for nearly everyone, including care facility staff, emergency dispatchers, communication center leaders, and responders.

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Emergency Medical Dispatchers' Ability to Determine Obvious or Expected Death Outcomes Using a Medical Priority Dispatch Protocol

Ivan Whitaker, MBA, Christopher Olola, PhD, Corike Toxopeus, PhD, Greg Scott, MBA, EMD-QI, Jeff J. Clawson, MD, Bryon Schultz, BA, Donald Robinson, Christopher Calabro, Isabel Gardett, PhD, Brett Patterson

Aug 01, 2015|AEDR 2015 Vol. 3 Issue 2|Original Research

Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs), at emergency communication centers that have implemented the Medical Priority Dispatch System® (MPDS) protocols, use scripted questions to interrogate people calling 9-1-1. Based on this interrogation, case determinant codes are assigned– to identify the specific patient condition and enable optimal allocation and deployment of resources to ensure appropriate field responses. MPDS determinant codes for both OBVIOUS and EXPECTED DEATH exist for patients that are clearly and irreversibly dead, or have a terminal illness accompanied...

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Second-Party Caller Information for a Falls Case

Ivan Whitaker, MBA

Aug 12, 2014|AEDR 2014 Vol. 2 Issue 2|Case Study

While teaching a Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS®) refresher course in Canton, Illinois, USA, at the Canton County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center, I was asked an interesting question by a student: "What do you do when a second party caller doesn't know the answer to your questions?" The student's question was inspired by a recent investigation request from the 911 center's local fire department involving a case dispatched as a BRAVO-level response to a fall patient. Emergency medical dispatchers (EMDs) use the MPDS to assign response determinant codes to incidents based...

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