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AEDR 2021 Vol. 9 Issue 3

Welcome Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Greg Scott, MBA, EMD-QI

Dec 22, 2021|AEDR 2021 Vol. 9 Issue 3|Editor's Message

This issue of AEDR contains two very intriguing studies that, on the surface, seem completely unconnected. Yet many important issues in emergency dispatch are interdependent when one chooses to look a little closer. One study, conducted with the participation of focus groups representing some of Utah’s diverse communities, tells us how members of those communities make their decisions to call 911, why they may not call even when true emergencies present to them, and what factors most influence their decision-making to call or not to call, including a finding that we may not always be delivering the righ

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911 Attitudes, Barriers, and Experiences Among Diverse Communities in Utah

Edward Trefts, MFA, Alissa Wheeler, BA, Jennifer Hurst, Isabel Gardett, PhD, Christopher Olola, PhD

Dec 22, 2021|AEDR 2021 Vol. 9 Issue 3|Original Research

Previously, researchers have identified barriers and facilitators to using 911 in Black and Hispanic communities. However, there are many other groups that have access to 911 service, who have not yet been represented in the literature. Prior to this study, a Community Engagement Studio (a focus group forum) was held to solicit input from representatives of various diverse communities in Salt Lake Valley on their attitudes, experiences, and perceptions of their local 911 services.

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